Bwin betting limits

bwin betting limits

Bwin blocked my account, after five minutes from the deposit, they put 1eur betting limit, ok, I decided to play poker, after a week I won euros, and Surprise. " BWIN WITH RIDICULOUS LIMITS " BWIN has limit euro per bet and the most times decrease the limit to 50 players send complaints every day. Compared to other sports betting providers Bwin can afford to be winning limit is relatively high to be set. Other bookmakers hold significantly.

Bwin betting limits - ist dieser

July 02, , Under normal circumstances, the maximum maximum bet the player is displayed on the betting slip. I called them and they just said we are busy, we haven't got enough people right now blablabla Did you miss your activation email? I'll never play with Bwin again. This was my first outlet at Bwin long time. By winning limits the maximum bet bwin may incidentally indirectly derived.


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